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Sometimes, in the case of severe decay, trauma, spacing issues, such as overcrowding, or to prepare for orthodontic work, a tooth extraction is necessary. Having a tooth pulled, or extracted, is common, and when a tooth is beyond repair, Dr. Tatevossian may recommend an extraction. The removal of wisdom teeth is also another reason for extraction, and is a service offered by our dental office. If a tooth has to be extracted and requires a replacement fixture, we have treatments such as dental implants that can restore the look and function of the teeth. At King House Dental in Redlands, CA, we have numerous sedation options so that our patients feel relaxed and comfortable during this procedure.


Before any extractions, we will take current X-rays to determine the where the tooth that needs to be removed is in relation to the surrounding teeth, tissue, and bone. For a simple extraction, which is used when the crown of the tooth is above the gum line, the dentist will loosen the tooth and carefully remove the entire tooth, including the root, from the mouth. During a surgical extraction, which is used when the crown of the tooth is still below the gum line or not fully erupted, the dentist will separate the tooth from the bone, gums, and soft tissue before removing the tooth. After an extraction, our staff will give the patient instructions on caring for the treated area, including how to clean the area, what foods to avoid, and when to return for a follow up appointment.


The cost of an extraction varies based on the number of teeth being removed and the complexity of the case. For simple extractions, the cost will be much less than if a surgical extraction is required. Most extractions are covered either partially or fully by dental insurance, so our office will determine the patient’s exact coverage and out-of-pocket costs.

Extraction FAQs

Wisdom Teeth?

Removing the last molars on the upper and lower jaw that develop in adolescence, commonly known as the wisdom teeth, is usually a surgical extraction since the teeth are still not fully above the gum line. While most patients will need or want their wisdom teeth removed, we will help the patient decide whether or not their wisdom teeth should be extracted.

Replacing the Tooth?

Once the tooth or teeth have been extracted, patients have many options for filling the new gaps in their smile. Dr. Tatevossian will help the patient decide if the tooth should be replaced and the many options, including crowns, bridges, and dentures, that are available. The patient may choose to have the tooth replaced at the same time as the extraction or at a later appointment.

Sedation Options?

For more anxious patients, sedation options are available during tooth extractions. We will go over sedation options during the patient’s consultation and help them decide the best method for them. Once the sedation method is chosen, we will discuss the steps the patient will experience before, during, and after the sedation. 

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