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Dr. T & King House Dental Group in Redlands, CA Testimonial 1

Hey, Dr. T, I want to personally reach out and thank you for the outstanding dental work that you did for me recently. I'll admit at first I was scared to come in. I didn't like dentists, from my past experiences and I was so scared in fact, as you know, that I put things off for years that I should have taken care of way before that. When you introduced me to sleep dentistry, it really changed the way I feel about it and it changed the way I feel about life. I now go to dentists and get all the things done that I've always been afraid to do. Sleep dentistry really is the answer to my dental fears and I think it is to a lot of others. Thanks Dr. T, and everyone at King House Dental Group. There's no better dentist in Redlands than you guys. Thank you so much, take care.
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