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Dr. Tatevossian on Acid Erosion

Good morning. Today I want to talk to you guys about acid erosion, and especially for young adults. One of the biggest problems that I see nowadays coming in in our teen population is people who are drinking too many of these sports drinks and also eating a lot of acidic fruits. The biggest issue that we see in the modern diet is the wear of the enamel on our teeth. There's a big concern amongst the dental community, and there's a lot of research on how we can help our patients avoid cavities and sensitivity, which is a result of all the acidic things. Now, we use something called a pH scale, and I want to show you this. This is a pH scale, and everything in red shows up as acidic, or a low pH. Enamel melts in the range of 3 or 4 pH. All these things, such as oranges, vinegar, sports drinks, coffee, lemon juice, pickles, apple juice, salad dressings are very acidic and low in pH, and can melt the enamel. Now, things like water or whole milk are in the pH of 6.7 or 7.3, and that's good for the teeth. If you're going to drink the sports drinks and do your coffee or black teas in the morning, make sure that you drink water or rinse with water after. There is a toothpaste called Pronamel, which is also very good for restoring the enamel. We have some suggestions when you come in, such as something called MI Paste, which you can only get through the dentist, but it puts the calcium phosphate back on your teeth. I wanted to leave you with this thought: If you're going to do an acidic drink or eat something that's acidic, make sure that you protect your teeth afterwards with a alkaline alternative. That's our minute for today.
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