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Hi, I'm Dr. Steve Tatevossian from King House Dental Group in Redlands. Today I want to talk to you about braces and all of the advancements that we have in the last few decades. I'm sure everybody's heard about aligners. Hopefully you can see that. These are in place of the brackets that we used to use and you wear a different one every month and it successively moves the teeth and then you're done. We also have triangular braces and mini-brackets instead of the big bands. They move your teeth much more efficiently so we ... I can show you that closer a little bit. We can move the teeth and be done with these new braces and the nickel titanium wires in about half the time of braces. Usually in a year to a year and a half we're done with braces instead of the three, four years. We also have instead of the old retainers which had the metal acrylic that took up a lot of your palate, we have the clear retainers which is what all the teenagers want nowadays. Last but not least, we have invisible braces. They are white or clear brackets that go over the teeth and they even have the white coated wires so you can have invisible braces. There's pros and cons to each one of these but just wanted to let you know that at the King House Dental Group, yes, we do do braces. We also work with some amazing orthodontists for the difficult cases. So hopefully we'll see you soon. Look forward to talking to you at your next visit.
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