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Some patients have excess gum tissue that needs to be removed for oral health or cosmetic reasons. Performed by Redlands, CA dentist, Dr. Steve Tatevossian, crown lengthening can improve the smile’s appearance, help prevent periodontal disease, and assist in preparing a tooth for another procedure, such as a dental crown.

Some patients are bothered by a "gummy smile," which means that much of their tooth is covered by gum tissue and not showing enough enamel.

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Reasons For Gum Reshaping

  • To remove excess gum tissue that hides the tooth, thus improving a "gummy smile".
  • To repair or restore damaged teeth.
  • To prep an existing tooth for a dental crown.
  • To secure a crown or filling.
  • To prevent or treat periodontal disease.

Crown lengthening corrects this cosmetic concern by removing and reshaping the gum line. In addition, if there is not enough tooth remaining after preparation for a dental crown, lengthening of the gum may be performed so that the crown can fit securely in place.

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Crown Lengthening FAQ's

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What is the crown lengthening Procedure?

X-rays will be taken of the entire mouth during a crown lengthening procedure and professional cleaning performed. Local anesthesia will be given so that the mouth becomes numb, which eliminates discomfort for the patient.

Because this procedure can take longer than a traditional crown or filling, nitrous oxide may also be given to help relax the patient.

Excess gum tissue is removed and reshaped and is made to look like a natural gumline. The treated area will be sterilized and medication will be applied to prevent infection. Sutures are often used to help secure the gums into a natural position. These are created within the gums and cannot be felt or seen.

Is there any special after treatment special care?

The patient's mouth will be tender and swollen after this treatment. Ice packs can help with the swelling and if necessary, prescription pain medication can be given to help reduce discomfort. Because of the sensitivity of the reshaped gumline, most patients will want to adhere to soft food, liquid diet for a couple of days until it is comfortable to eat on the treated area.

The gums are typically fully healed within about 2 – 3 months, but Dr. Tatevossian usually has the patient return within 7 – 10 days so he can assess the healing process.

Call King House Dental Group today for your dental consultation. Crown lengthening can remove excess gum tissue for cosmetic reasons, or prepare the tooth for another procedure. Excess gum tissue can lead to periodontal issues and our goal is to prevent that from happening while creating a healthier, more attractive smile.

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The patient's main concern was her gummy smile. Between braces, crowns, veneers, and laser gum removal we achieved the smile she always wanted!

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