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Oral Conscious Sedation by the Best Dentist in Redlands, CA

Going to the dentist can cause great fear and anxiety for many patients. Our Redlands, CA dental office also offers oral conscious sedation for certain dental procedures. There are 2 levels of oral sedation available for our patients:


Mild sedation is usually administered orally, and offers patients a relaxed experience. Patients will be very sleepy but will be awake and calm during the procedure. You will be able to respond well to commands. The effect of the mild sedative wears off after the procedure is completed. The best-known mild sedative is often referred to as 'laughing gas.'


Moderate/deep sedation is used for patients who need more complex procedures, and also may involve longer time-frames. If you suffer from a moderate to extreme level of anxiety, sedatives are given in pill form.

Oral conscious sedation will allow you to be awake and respond to commands, but be deeply relaxed and have no recollection of the procedure once you awake. Be sure to bring someone to drive you home and stay with you until the sedative wears off.

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About Oral Conscious Sedation Treatment

The dentist will provide the patient with a medication prescription to fill at the pharmacy and take one hour before the procedure. This will provide the customer time to get ready and feel relaxed. This sedation level can be either light or moderate.

Sedation levels are designed to cover from easy and quick to complex and lengthy procedures. Even under the heavier dose of medication, most patients are awake and responsive to the dentist’s instructions. Patients that for some reason fall asleep can easily be woken up with a very gentle nudge.

The price for oral conscious sedation depends on the patient’s requirements and dosage. It is generally more expensive than nitrous oxide.

Dr. Tatevossian added mild and moderate sedation techniques, including oral conscious sedation, to his Redlands, CA dental practice to allow more patients to receive treatment for a healthy smile.

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Oral Conscious Sedation FAQ's

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How Long Does It Last?

The dentist estimates an accurate dosage for the patient based on height, weight, age, and whether the procedure is quick or lengthy.

The dentist usually instructs the patient during a previous consultation on the amount of medication they will need to take and whether they will need a driver to take them home after the procedure.

Is It Safe?

Oral conscious sedation has been safely used as a calming method for many years to help patients feel relaxed when undergoing large amounts of complex dental work.

How Long Does It Last?

Oral conscious sedation is a safe, calming method that has been used to help many patients safely relax during their dental visits.

This treatment is used routinely in patients who have trouble relaxing and undergoing dental treatment or if they have a large amount of dental work being done.

At Dr. Tatevossian’s Redlands, CA office, patients can get great dental care without fear or anxiety. We will discuss the benefits of conscious de sedation to help you begin your journey to a healthy smile without fear.

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About Oral Sedation

Dr. Tatevossian hopes to educate patients on good oral health, provide custom treatment plans, and create gorgeous smiles that last for years. We hope this website is beneficial for you to learn more about our talented dentist, the procedures he offers, and dental conditions he treats, and more.

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