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3 Tips for Reducing Dental Anxiety - Anxiety Dentist in Redlands CA

While most people find going to the dentist to be a manageable experience, others find it to be incredibly distressing. For those with dental phobia, just the thought of going to the dentist can trigger severe anxiety, leading them to delay or avoid dental treatment. Unfortunately, this behavior can spiral into a vicious cycle of dental pain, health problems, worsening anxiety, and more complex and costly dental procedures. The good news is all hope is not lost. If you are looking for anxiety dentist in redlands CA , we can help you.

If you experience dental anxiety, there are steps you can take to reduce your anxiety and get the dental care you need. Here are our top tips for coping with dental anxiety.

Choose a Dentist who you Feel Confident in

Working with a dentist who you trust and feel confident in is a crucial step in easing anxiety. Before choosing your dentist, do your research, ask your friends and family for recommendations, and schedule an initial appointment to get to know the dentist. Being familiar with your dentist, talking with them directly, and having confidence in their skills can go a long way in soothing your dental jitters.

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Share your Concerns with Your Dentist 

While you might think that ignoring your anxiety and not telling anyone about it is the best way to power through, that’s not the best approach when it comes to easing your worries. In fact, sharing how you feel can make a world of difference. If you’re tense or anxious, schedule a time with your dentist to talk about your concerns. Tell your dentist about your anxiety, share any bad experiences you may have had in the past, and address any fears that are weighing on your mind. This will allow your dentist to address your concerns and do everything in their power to make your experience as smooth, stress-free, and painless as possible. You can even agree on a signal, such as raising your hand, if you need to take a break during an exam or procedure. 

King House Dental Group in Redlands, CA can help you receive treatment for a healthy smile.

Opt for Oral Sedation 

A great option for those with dental anxiety is oral sedation. King House Dental Group offers two levels of oral sedation to help patients relax and ease their anxiety. The two levels of oral sedation include: 

  • Mild Sedation: The best known mild sedative is referred to as “laughing gas.” While it will make you feel relaxed and sleepy, you will still be awake during the procedure and able to signal to your doctor if you need to take a break. 
  • Moderate/Deep Sedation: This level of sedation is for patients who are undergoing more complex or longer procedures. You will be awake and able to respond to commands or signal to your doctor, but you’ll be deeply relaxed. Some people even fall asleep during the procedure. With this level of sedation, you will have no recollection of the procedure once the sedation wears off. It’s important to bring someone with you to drive you home and stay with you until you’re more fully awake. 

Learn more about oral conscious sedation at King House Dental Group.

Receive the care you need

Don’t let dental anxiety prevent you from getting the care you need. At King House Dental Group, we encourage you to voice your fears and worries so we can address your concerns and create a plan to make the process as easy for you as possible.

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