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A crown is a cap that protects the complete tooth surface bringing it back to its natural shape and size. A crown strengthens teeth that have big cavities that fillings can not fix. Porcelain crowns are the most common crown type because they are tooth-colored and highly durable, bringing years of functionality and attractive apperance.

Redlands, CA dentist, Dr. Steve Tatevossian, uses advanced technology to create dental crow with precision and accuracy, so they fit the patient's tooth, look natural, and last for years.

Common reasons for dental crowns include:

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Broken or fractured teeth.

Cosmetic enhancement.

Decayed teeth.

Fractured fillings.

Large fillings.

Tooth has had a root canal.

Dental Crowns Redlands, CA

About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are usually done in two appointments. In your fist visit the dentist will make a 3D impression of your teeth to create the temporary and the permanent crown. The temporary crown will cover your tooth for about two weeks until the dental laboratory makes the porcelain one.

In the first appointment, you will leave with a temporary crown and you will return within 10 - 14 days to receive your permanent crown.

To place your porcelain crown, the dentist will remove the temporary one, clean the area perfectly and then cement the new one in. The dentist will take the time to adjust the crown for a comfortable and efficient bite.

The cost of crowns will vary depending on the severity of damage to the teeth and the amount of repair needed. Our office will check with the patient’s insurance provider prior to treatment to inquire how much of the cost of this procedure is covered.

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Dental Crowns FAQ's

Dental Crowns Near Me Redlands

Best Candidates For Crowns?

Dentists recommend a crown to reinforce a cracked, damaged or fractured tooth. Crowns are also used to cover a dental implant, a discolored tooth or a root canal.

Finally, dentists use crowns to replace large fillings when there is not sufficient natural tooth left or when attaching a bridge.

How Long Do Crowns Last?

Dental crowns have an average life span of 15 to 20 years, but they can last even longer if the patient maintains a good oral hygiene regime that includes brushing and flossing and visits the dentist twice a year.

what are some Dental Crowns Benefits?

A dental crown procedure can eliminate pain from a tooth that has a crack, chip, or large cavity.

They can also give peace of mind and a boost of confidence to the patient because a dental crown resembles a natural tooth restoring both functionality and aesthetics.

Patients suffering from chips, cracks, and teeth cavities should call and make an appointment to come to our office for a consultation with Dr. Tatevossian. King House Dental Group works hard to exceed patient expectations with high-quality service and advanced dental technology.

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Dental Crowns - Smile Gallery

Before and After

Male | Age: 60+

Replaced upper bridge and porcelain fused to metal crown on lower front tooth.

Replaced with Zirconia bridge and crown.

Female | Age: 30-39

The patient's main concern was the gaps between her teeth on both the upper and lower teeth. With help of crowns, Dr. Tatevossian and his amazing team at King House Dental Group were able to help her achieve her perfect smile!

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