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Composite fillings, also referred to as tooth-colored fillings, are a natural way to fill cavities without the unsightly look of silver or gold that were used years ago. These fillings, offered by Redlands, CA dentist, Dr. Steve Tatevossian, correct tooth imperfections, such as broken, chipped, or cracked teeth.

Composite fillings restore a tooth back to its healthy and natural look and are evenly blended to match the rest of the patient's teeth. Dr. Tatevossian uses tooth-colored fillings to address new dental concerns, as well as to replace old metal fillings that could potentially damage the tooth if left in place long-term.

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About Dental Examinations

Before doing the dental cleaning, your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, jaw, and facial bones for abnormalities. In addition, he will take dental X-rays to discard oral cancer, gum disease, or jaw anomalies that might not be visible to the eye. Early detection is key to prompt intervention, and it also helps to maintain a healthy and attractive smile.

The typical cost of a dental examination may vary by patient depending on what is being performed, but since it is considered preventative care, all or part of the cost of these examinations is usually covered by dental insurance. Our staff will confirm the patient's coverage before presenting the patient with their out-of-pocket portion.

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Dental Examinations FAQ's

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How often should I get a Dental Exam?

It is suggested that patients undergo routine dental examinations at least once a year. This helps the dentist to check the patient’s oral hygiene and monitor or prevent any problems.

Should i get dental Exams While Pregnant?

Patients are encouraged to get a dental examination during pregnancy, as changes to the body may include dental concerns.

Pregnant woman, especially those in their first trimester, may experience bleeding and swelling of the gums. It is important that pregnant women keep up with their dental hygiene to prevent dental problems that may complicate their pregnancy.

Who are some High-risk Patients?

Patients that are considered to be high-risk for dental problems should receive dental examinations at least every 3-4 months. The high-risk group includes:

● Patients who use tobacco.
● Patients who are pregnant.
● Patients with diabetes.
● Patients with gum disease.
● Patients with a weakened immune system.
● Patients prone to cavities or plaque build-up.

Oral health is extremely important and can often be an underlying factor in other health concerns, so it is important to have a healthy mouth. By offering world-class dental examinations at his offices in Redlands, CA, Dr. Tatevossian helps his patients improve the health of their teeth and their overall health.

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Before and After

Female | Age: 30-39

Upon dental exam, recurrent decay was found under an existing silver filling on tooth #20. Replaced the old silver with a beautiful composite filling.

The silver filling was replaced with composite, due to recurrent decay.

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