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Digital X-Rays


Digital X-Rays with the Best Dentist in Redlands, CA

King House Dental Group may be located in a historic landmark, but it has been transformed to include all of the latest and greatest dental technologies of today. Dr. Steve Tatevossian has spared no expense to ensure that our examinations include the most advanced digital imaging available so that we can offer the best outlook for our patients. By using digital X-rays during dental exams, our team of dental experts are able to catch and treat dental problems early.
Also known as digital radiographs, digital X-rays allow Dr. Tatevossian to see various layers within the mouth, well beyond the surface of the teeth and gums to diagnose gum disease, decay, soft tissue defects, bone loss, cysts, and much more. Once a dental problem is caught early, treatment can begin to repair and restore the mouth back to optimal health.

  • Treatment

    Digital X-rays used to be painful and take too long, but now they can be taken within 5 to 10 minutes with minimal discomfort for you. Also, after the digital X-rays are taken, they can be reviewed and discussed on the computer monitor so the dentist can point out areas of concern if anything unusual happens to come out.

  • Pricing

    As a preventative procedure, digital X-rays and dental exams are usually covered by dental insurance, so our front office will contact the patient’s insurance to determine any out-of-pockets costs.

Digital X-Rays FAQ's

  • What's Next?

    Digital X-rays are almost instantly viewable on the computer by the dentist and patient. The dentist can assess the current images and compare them to past X-rays to see if problems are developing. The dentist will go over any concerns found on the X-rays with the patient and discuss measures to prevent further problems or treat existing conditions.

  • Radiation Concerns?

    Digital X-rays use much less radiation than previous generation's X-rays , but patients are still asked to wear a lead apron. Pregnant or breastfeeding patients must tell the dentist to provide extra precautions. 

  • Types Of X-Rays?

    The dentist will take several X-rays that show different features and characteristics of your teeth, as well as panoramic views of the jaw and sinuses. 

Redlands Dentist

Digital X-rays during your annual dental exam at King House Dental Group can help you and Dr. Tatevossian improve your oral health. For more information on digital X-rays or to schedule your dental exam, call or email our office in Redlands, CA today.