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There are some special occasions when a tooth extraction is required, such as severe decay, trauma, overcrowding or when called for in preparation for orthodontic work. Tooth extraction is fairly common, and Dr. Tatevossian may recommend an extraction of wisdom teeth or if a tooth is past the repair point.

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About Tooth Extractions Treatment

Prior to extracting, we will take X-rays to pinpoint the exact location of the tooth that will be removed, in relation to the neighboring teeth, gum and bone.

For a regular extraction where the tooth crown shows over the gum line, the dentist will carefully loosen the tooth, removing it completely (root included) from the jaw bone.

When the tooth that needs to be extracted hasn't erupted, or is still under the gum line, the dentist will make an X-ray that will guide him. This is called a surgical extraction because the dentist does an incision to separate the tooth from the soft tissue, the gums and the bone prior to removing it.

When the extraction is successfully finished, our personnel will give you clear directions on how to care for the extraction area. You’ll be guided on how to clean it, meals to avoid because they cause irritation and when it is convenient for you to return for a follow up appointment.

Extraction prices vary depending on how many teeth will be removed and the complexity of each case.

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Tooth Extractions FAQ's

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What about Wisdom Teeth?

We can help you decide if your wisdom teeth should be extracted. Sometimes there is no option because wisdom teeth can cause pain or push front teeth out of position. Dentists usually perform a surgical extraction on these upper or lower molars commonly referred to as wisdom teeth because they fail to come up above the gum line.

Most extractions call for replacements to fill in the empty spaces to avoid the remaining teeth from drifting apart and ruining your smile. Dr. Tatevossian will help you decide if the extracted tooth should be replaced. He will use his years of experience to guide you through the various options available to you, including implants, bridges or dentures that can restore aesthetic appearance and functionality.

can i replace a missing Tooth?

Once the tooth or teeth have been extracted, Dr. Tatevossian will help the patient decide if the tooth should be replaced and the many options, including crowns, bridges, and dentures, that are available.

Do you offer Sedation Options?

Anxious patients should know that we have sedation options available during tooth extractions. During patient consultation we can give you all the details to assist you in choosing the method that best suits your needs.

When a tooth needs to be extracted and requires a replacement fixture, we offer professional procedures such as dental implants that can bring back teeth aesthetics and functionality.

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Before and After

Female | Age: 50-59

The patient came to our office with existing crowns on her front teeth and a previously injured front tooth that had cracked at the root, leaving it unable to be saved.

The patient decided a bridge from tooth #6 to #8 was the best way to go for replacement and then decided it would be best to also replace the old crowns on #8, #9 and #10.

For cosmetic reasons, veneers were placed on #5 and #12, resulting in a beautifully restored smile!

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