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King House Dental Group

Laser Teeth Whitening

King House Dental Group in Redlands, CA is proud to offer the latest laser teeth whitening technologies for our patients desiring a whiter, brighter smile. With the ability to change the teeth 5 – 10 shades lighter, laser teeth whitening is a quick cosmetic dental treatment performed right inside our dental office. It can remove years of stains, ranging from coffee, tea, and red wine, or stains from a medical condition or from certain medications.
Our office also offers other forms of teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry to improve the look of your mouth. During a thorough consultation with Dr. Steve Tatevossian, all of these options can be discussed to give you the dazzling smile you desire!

  • About Laser Teeth Whitening

    During laser teeth whitening, the mouth will be prepared by protecting and covering lips and gums, so only the teeth are exposed to the laser. A professional-strength whitening gel will be applied to teeth before they are exposed to a special light, which helps to break up stains and evenly whiten the teeth. This process may be repeated 2 – 3 times, usually for a total of 45 minutes, or until the desired whiteness is achieved.

  • Pricing

    Laser teeth whitening will vary in cost depending on how many laser treatments are needed to attain the brightness the patient desires. Although insurance does not cover cosmetic dental treatments, our office offers payment plans and financing options for patients who qualify. Be sure to ask our front desk for all of your options.

Laser Teeth Whitening FAQS

  • Laser Whitening Benefits?

    Laser teeth whitening offers most patients their fastest route to brighter, whiter teeth. Most patients will only need one, fast treatment to get great results that last for years.

  • Other Whitening Methods?

    Over-the-counter teeth whitening products use uncomfortable trays and a weaker gel to brighten the teeth, which takes more time to get subtle results. Laser teeth whitening is usually more expensive than over-the-counter products, however, laser teeth whitening takes less time for more dramatic results that last longer.

  • Does Laser Whitening Last?

    The results from laser teeth whitening can last years if the patient follows a good home oral care routine, including daily brushing and flossing, and returning to the dentist for a professional cleaning at least twice a year. To help keep the teeth white, patients should ask their dentist about what staining food and drinks they should avoid or what steps to take to minimize the staining.

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At King House Dental, Dr. Steve Tatevossian offers his patients a fast improvement in their smile with laser teeth whitening. We encourage those in the Redlands, CA area to visit our office to learn more about laser teeth whitening and how they can get an illuminating smile.

Laser Teeth Whitening - Smile Gallery

Before and After

  • MaleAge: 18-29

  • medicine and healthcare 03 final

    First Round of Whitening, with great results.

  • FemaleAge: 40-49

  • medicine and healthcare 03 final

    Upon completion of orthodontic treatment, the patient was unhappy with the yellowing of her teeth. She requested chairside whitening and was satisfied with the results.

  • FemaleAge: 18-29

  • medicine and healthcare 03 final

    Patient just finished her braces with Dr. Tatevossian and wanted to brighten her smile with whitening! She completed 3 cycles of whitening.