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Orthodontics is a dental specialty that concentrates on the diagnosis and treatment of tooth misalignment and jaw asymmetry. For a long time, orthodontic treatments were mostly targeted towards teens and pre-teens; nowadays, however, a large and growing percentage of orthodontic patients are adults.

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Problems Addressed

Orthodontics encompasses oral, maxillofacial, and cosmetic dentistry.

These are some of the specific conditions that orthodontics deals with:

Anteroposterior Deviations

This is the disparity between the position of a patient’s closed jaws. Orthodontics can correct an overbite (upper teeth overlap the lower teeth) and its opposite, the underbite.

Correcting jaw alignment is important because over or underbite deviations can create serious health problems.


This is when permanent teeth are crooked or overlap each other. Orthodontics offers different solutions to straighten and realign teeth.

Aesthetic Problems

Orthodontics can improve the alignment and positioning of teeth so each one of them contributes to a dazzling smile. This realignment then contributes to the reshaping and restructuring of a more aesthetic jawline, lip positioning, and facial symmetry.

Your orthodontist solves these problems by performing a visual examination, full mouth X-rays, and bite impressions to straighten, realign and reposition your teeth into the smile of your dreams.

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Orthodontics Solutions

Orthodontics is a dental specialty field that implements new technological advances to correct common dental problems such as overcrowding, over or underbite as well as cosmetic problems.

Once a diagnosis is determined, the patient will have access to multiple options for orthodontic treatment. Some of the most common options include:

  • Fixed Orthodontic Braces

    Fixed Orthodontic Braces

    Your orthodontist will attach a metal or ceramic bracket to each tooth with a dental wire running through each bracket. Then he will adjust the wire to gradually move and straighten the teeth to their ideal position removing the brackets and wire once you have achieved a gorgeous and beautiful smile.

  • Removable Appliances

    Removable Appliances

    Orthodontists use a variety of removable appliances such as headgear, Hawley retainers, and facemasks, among others, to correct over/under bites and to improve teeth positioning even as jawbone reforms.

  • Invisalign®


    This is the new generation of dental aligners. They are made of transparent plastic and since they are removable, patients can take them off for eating and brushing after meals.

    Invisalign braces can adjust teeth positioning in a similar way metal traditional braces do, but not all patients are candidates for them. You can schedule a consultation to quickly find out if you qualify.

Redlands, CA dentist, Dr. Steve Tatevossian, loves to create straighter, more aesthetically appealing smiles, regardless of your age. During an initial consultation, all of the orthodontic options offered by King House Dental Group will be discussed. In addition, some patients are candidates for more in-depth cosmetic dental work; they may also include teeth whitening, implants, or crowns.

Several different options are available for you to create the gorgeous smile you have always wanted. Let’s make it real. Please visit us or make an appointment today.

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Before and After

Female | Age: 18-29

The patient was not happy with the crowding on both her upper and lower teeth, she choose to do traditional braces to correct her smile. She was in braces for 1 year and 3 months.

Female | Age: 18-29

The patient had dental bonding, orthodontics, and laser gum sculpting.

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