Do you suffer from Hypersensitive teeth?

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Do you suffer from Hypersensitive teeth?

Do you cringe every time you eat ice cream or drink hot coffee because of fear that your teeth will be sensitive?

If so, you are not alone – 34% of people suffer from this condition and some even seek the help of their dentist to resolve the sometimes near incapacitating, quality of life disturbance.

So, what causes teeth to be hypersensitive? Most of the time, the cause is periodontal disease, where gum recession exposes the root surfaces of teeth. In addition, acid reflux, acidic foods, leaky fillings or fractures, traumatic brushing, as well as bruxism (grinding/clenching of the teeth/jaw) on malocclusion (bite imbalance) can also cause teeth to be hypersensitive to temperature, touch or liquids.

Obviously, you need to see a dentist in order to properly diagnose the cause of your sensitivity.

There are several treatment options for root hypersensitivity such as: sealants, topical medications a dentist can place and prescribe to patients. Your provider may offer laser treatments, crowns/fillings to cover the exposed root and/or sensitivity toothpaste.

The main idea is to cover the exposed root causing the nerve pain and properly change daily habits attributing to sensitivity.

See your dentist to get relief before the condition gets so bad that a root canal will be necessary to soothe this complex problem.

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